Products & Services

Metworld has been catering to the recycling needs of its clients for six decades to emerge as the leader in the scrap recycling industry. Beginning with a focus on the trading in all kinds of non-ferrous and ferrous metals including industrial and obsolete scrap, we have been consistently diversifying to meet the expectations of our clients. From offering consumer goods for households to providing industrial supplies, Metworld has taken newer strides in serving its clients better. To create a single stop shop for our clients we have also made manufacturing processes an integral part of our services.

Our clients always get the best deals backed by our immaculate and timely services. We support our global network through cutting edge technology based processes; ranging from cargo handling, export facilities, dock management, vessel loading to final delivery. By incorporating tracking features, providing insurance cover and streamlining payment processes, we have ensured we always deliver maximum satisfaction to our clients.



Non Ferrous Metals: 

Non-Ferrous metals form the biggest share of the overall scrap recycling business of Metworld. All metals except iron and steel form the Non-Ferrous metal group. The group consists of metals including copper, aluminium, brass, lead, zinc and nickel. The Non-Ferrous metal scarps have among the highest of values in the market though these have a comparatively smaller share of the scrap metal market.

Metworld mainly deals in the following Non-Ferrous metal scraps as per ISRI specifications;


  • Berry/Mill Berry
  • Birch Cliff
  • Mix Copper Scrap
  • Copper Cable Scrap
  • Candy
  • Copper Wire
  • Copper Dream


  • Honey
  • Ocean
  • Ebony/Gun Metal
  • Brass Rods
  • Brass Turning
  • Brass Bowls (with & without Iron)
  • Bell Metal (Kansa)


  • Tense
  • Trump
  • Talk
  • Taint/Tabor
  • Mix Aluminium Scrap


  • Zinc Die Cast Scrap
  • Zinc Dross


  • Fully Drained & Dried Battery Scrap (RAINS)
  • Remelted Lead Ingots
  • Lead Cable Stripping
  • Lead Battery Plates (RAILS)

Ferrous Metals - Iron and Steel: 

The most ubiquitous collection of scrap metals, Ferrous metals form a significant share of the Metworld’s recycling business. Ferrous metals consist of iron and steel and is categorised into two different but equally important groups, industrial and obsolete. We deal in industrial scrap which includes different kinds of unused and unfit-for- further use metals as well as obsolete scrap which includes old and unwanted metals.

Metworld mainly deals in the following Ferrous metal scraps as per ISRI specifications;

  1. No. 1 Heavy Melting Steel (HMS 1)
  2. No. 2 Heavy Melting Steel (HMS 2)
  3. HMS 1&2 (80:20)
  4. Shredded scrap 210, 211
  5. Stainless Steel scrap 304, 316


To meet various needs of our clients Metworld deals in different kinds of minerals and ores as well. Chrome and Iron ore are the two most important minerals and ores that form the core of our minerals and ore trade.

Industrial Supplies:

At Metworld we have been meeting all kinds of industrial needs of our clients spread across various industrial verticals. By providing for the raw materials and other inputs needs of different industries in a timely manner we have not only strengthened but become an integral part of the supply chains of each of our clients. We have incorporated advanced supply chain solutions and built our processes on IT based latest applications to become a reliable and most trusted partner to our clients.

FMCG/Consumer Goods: 

To serve our clients in the best possible manner and to cater to their everyday needs we have diversified our service offerings to include all kinds of consumer goods. Our approach has always been to become our clients most preferred partner for each of their needs. Offering FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) has been one of the most crucial steps in the same direction.


We are an industry-leading Iron Rods and Steel billets manufacturer that consistently produces all of its materials according to international standards. These billets are used in the manufacturing of steel frames:
  • Mild Steel Billets – 100 x 100 mm (different sizes can be made)
  • TMT Iron Rods / Smooth (D: 6 mm-36 mm);
  • Iron square (D: 6 mm- 34 mm)
  • Oxygen gases
We shall also start manufacturing various steel products, namely angles, channels, pipes and nails.
These products will be manufactured according to international standards and customized according to the requirements of our customers.

Lead Recycling: 

Metworld has been one of the most renowned companies in the entire West African region to be involved in the process of Lead Recycling. We have adopted state-of-the-art technology, created efficient processes and aligned our systems to ensure eco-friendly operations to become the benchmark for not only Lead Recycling but also the entire recycling industry. Our Lead Recycling process involves melting the unwanted, unfit-for-use and spent Lead batteries and converting them into reusable Lead Ingots.

Steel Recycling: 

Taking the vision of our leaders forward and keeping the expectations of our clients in mind, we have developed a plan to expand our recycling operations further in West Africa. Our latest Steel Recycling plant will become operational before the month of June in the year 2010. Starting off with an initial capacity of 50,000 metric tonnes per annum the plant in due course will expand to a capacity of 80,000 metric tonnes. With the latest technology and advanced processes the plant will be one of its kinds in the region.