Established in the Middle East, Metworld DMCC has evolved to become a global identity in a span of six decades. With our expanding network, we have strengthened our linkage with our clients and partners spread across different continents. Our worldwide network has empowered us to respond to the challenges of the global business environment, exploit new opportunities and serve our customers in a better way.

We have a strong network spread across the world including USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Portugal, Netherlands, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Kenya, Madagascar, Ghana, Latvia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Hongkong, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.


Headquartered in Dubai, Metworld has expanded its services all over the world and established its offices and warehouses in numerous countries including South Africa, India and Dubai.

With our offices and warehouses in different parts of the world, we are able to provide advanced non-ferrous and ferrous metal recycling solutions for all of our customers at an affordable cost. Through our global footprint, we have been successful in honouring commitment towards our clients, winning their trust and building long lasting relationships with each of them.